Tuesday, February 12, 2013

License To Crack - A blog-book on Software Testing


Welcome to the world of software testing. This page contains a series of links that will help you understand software testing, step by step. Along with this text content, you can use www.openmentor.net videos to learn software testing. 

Enjoy learning.

Functional Testing

  1. License To Crack - Introduction to Testing
  2. SDLC - First 3 Critical Phases 
  3. SDLC - Coding, Testing, Implementation, Maintenance
  4. Five angles to look at everything 
  5. Top 100 Test Scenarios for Online Shopping Apps 
  6. Writing Test Cases 
  7. Top 100 Test Scenarios – Inventory Management
  8. Boundary Value Analysis (BVA) 
  9. Equivalence Partitions 
  10. The CRUD Approach 
  11. Review before you execute tests 
  12. Test environment (test bed) setup
  13. The first hour of testing 
  14. Test Execution - How can we do faster? 
  15. Tester's friend - The BUG 
  16. Bug Life Cycle 
  17. Regression Testing 
  18. How to measure and analyze the testing efficiency?  
  19. What does one need to get job? 
  20. Compatibility Testing 
Test Automation

  1. Test Automation Basics 
  2. Record and Replay 
  3. Object Identification 
  4. Data Driven Test 
  5. Checkpoints 
  6. File/DB Checkpoints 
  7. Scripting Essentials 
  8. Exception Handling 


  1. The software listed above can help developers on testing their system. After that I suggest they get a license and piracy protection for their systems.

  2. Does this also apply for Mac softwares? Or is it only applicable in Windows?