Thursday, January 5, 2012

Top 100 Test Scenarios for Online Shopping Apps

I have been seeing a lot of ads for online shopping portals. What do they really do? Sell items right from shoes to iPhones. A few product companies asked us to educate their testers in testing their product. We first educated the testers in the business flow of ecom portals.

What you see here is a slice from the testing checklist.

  1. View the hot promotion plans on home page
  2. View top level categories of products on home page
  3. View the order of sub categories of products under each category
  4. View top products list under each category-sub category
  5. View products as grid
  6. View products as thumbnails
  7. View small and large images of products with short and long descriptions
  8. Search for a product with brand name
  9. Search for a product with a model name or number
  10. Search for a product below certain price
  11. Search for a product within a price range
  12. Search for a product with some keywords in description
  13. Search for a product of certain color
  14. Search for a product in specific store
  15. Search for a product in a specific geography
  16. Search for a product that are referred by many community people
  17. Search for a product for a range of user ratings
  18. Search for a product with multiple combinations of above
  19. Sort product search results based on price
  20. Sort product search results based on store
  21. Sort product search results based on buyer rating
  22. Add a product to cart
  23. Add multiple products to cart from same search results
  24. Add multiple products to cart from different search results
  25. Remove a product from cart
  26. Add the same product to cart after removing it
  27. Add the same product multiple times to cart
  28. Alter quantity of products after adding to cart
  29. Alter quantity to zero in the cart
  30. Provide payment details to buy product
  31. Provide payment details and cancel it
  32. Provide wrong credit card details and try to buy
  33. Purchase product thru corporate purchase plans
  34. Provide shipping address same as user’s registered address
  35. Provide shipping address different from the user’s registered address
  36. Register new user with valid details
  37. Register new user with invalid details
  38. Register same user with same emailed and userid
  39. Provide same credit card details to two different users
  40. View the registration email contents for new users
  41. Change password for a registered user
  42. View change password email content
  43. Do not use account for 60 days and login after that time period
  44. Login as user, add a product, logout and login again
  45. Use correct promotion code for correct product
  46. Use wrong promotion code for a product
  47. Use a valid promotion code to a product but after its expiry date
  48. Use a promotion code more than once for purchase
  49. User a private promotion code of another registered user
  50. Track the purchase order for delivery
  51. Rate a product for its quality
  52. Join a group purchase and confirm purchase
  53. Join a group purchase and cancel after an hour or day
  54. Join a group purchase for more than once
  55. Define alert to notify when product price falls into certain range
  56. Purchase a product whose price is more than your credit card limit
  57. Purchase a product when the product is out of stock
  58. View product details from a different country settings
  59. File a complaint as a buyer
  60. View complaint tracking email content
  61. View complaint status on the buyer portal
  62. View past order history for a user
  63. Modify the user profile after a few purchase transactions
  64. Add products in wish list
  65. Manage different lists as part of user profiles
  66. Comment on a product
  67. Comment on a purchase
  68. Provide feedback on a purchase
  69. Refer a product to another user in the community
  70. Use one time shipping plan for a purchase
  71. subscribe to annual shipping plans and do a purchase
  72. Subscribe to newsletters
  73. Unsubscribe to newsletters

  1. Freeze a user account
  2. Unfreeze a user account
  3. Set transaction limits for users
  4. Generate reports for today’s purchase
  5. Generate reports for purchase for specific products
  6. Generate reports for purchase in specific geographies
  7. Generate reports for shipping status
  8. Generate reports for customer complaints
  9. Generate reports on purchase feedback
  10. Upload stores details who act as suppliers
  11. Upload price details from various stores
  12. Upload products and price details from stores in different formats such as xml, csv, Excel etc.
  13. Upload products and price details from stores with erroneous records
  14. Upload product image contents with static images
  15. Upload product image contents with animated images
  16. Create survey to selected users
  17. Publish a poll to all users
  18. Create product promotion codes and publish to selective users or geography
  19. Manage shipping and handling charges and terms
  20. Manage group purchase settings and products
  21. Extend a promotion offer
  22. Configure prizes for buyers on specific purchase criteria such as 100000th buyer etc.
  23. Configure corporate purchase accounts
  24. Manage out of stock alert settings
  25. Manage different payment gateway settings
  26. Configure SMS alerts to users
  27. View whether purchase details reflect in the CRM thru synchronization

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  1. checklist is very simple and easy to apply.

  2. Perfect scenarios for online shopping application.

  3. can u plz update some scenario in admin persrective

  4. Thank You so much softsmith , very good checklist !! :-) Thank you for posting