Monday, January 16, 2012

What does one need to get job?

Hundreds of job hunters send emails to us asking whether we have any positions open. Every company needs people, all the time. Very rarely, they freeze hiring. But what the applicant does not know or does not care to know, is whether he/she is ready for that position. Everyone feels that they are ready to do the job; but every business leader claims that 80% of the students who pass out in India, are not readily employable. Hence there is a big fight to grab the qualifying ones, by so many companies - the result is the inflated salary levels.

Where and when will it end?

First thing. Whatever is the industry to which one applies for a job, that person must have a good analytical reasoning ability. If one is not able to solve a simple aptitude question, that person is not fit to get an entry. During interviews, we had seen people who do not know how to apply the fundamental principles of simple and compound interests, but applying to a banking position.

Second thing. Be confident. Almost 90% of the people who come for interview at fresh level are submissive. They feel like servants and are afraid of answering in clear loud tone. This attitude must change. Many times we see people pleading ta the end of the interview that they have family commitments and this job is an absolute necessity to them. This will not help.

Third. Communicate clearly in simple way. One need not be a great orator or writer. Simple words, clear sentences will make the interviewer happy. But unfortunately, people try to throw jargons and try to show off their knowledge. But when a practical question is thrown at them, they fail to apply concepts and start blabbering. This wastes a lot of time. Better communication can compensate many other negative points.

Fourth. Unreasonable Expectations. Everyone thinks that they are worth minimum 3 lacs per annum salary. They never care about the job profile or the size of the company. People do not even see the website of the company to which they had applied for a job. For the first 2-3 years, learning is the asset one must look for and not money.

Fifth. 100% job guarantee by training institutes. Do IIT and IIM claim that they can 100% guarantee job to every student? It must be knowledge and skill guarantee and not a job guarantee. Only yourself can guarantee a job for you, based on practice. Any institute that does good training and guidance, will help you; but it is ultimately you, who can make the difference. Lack of self belief is the root cause of this; always people need external factors to help them.

When 50,00,000 students graduate from 22000 arts colleges every year, and 10,00,000 students come out of 3000 engineering colleges every year, only the knowledge and practice can help every fresher. Nothing else.

In worst case scenario, if you do not have a job and someone says work is there but no pay, please take it in a short term at least. That is the intellectual money you can earn; that time will never come back, if you refuse that option also. Sorry, this may sound harsh, but this is reality in India.